Paris Truck Co. is Blacking Out on Friday

Paris Truck Co. is Blacking Out and Closing Our Online Shop Friday, November 27th Through Sunday, November 29th

“In these wild and difficult times, we encourage all of you wonderful Paris customers, shoppers, skaters and longboarders, to support your local community”. says Ryan Ricker, Brand Manager of Paris Truck Co. “Take this opportunity to put your money back into the skate scene by supporting local businesses or online retailers within the skate community”. 

Board shops built an industry and culture that has given so much to skaters around the world. Paris Truck Co would like to do our part to give these board shops an advantage during Black Friday and Small Businesses Saturday.

For more information please contact Ryan Ricker at:

About Paris Truck Co.
Established in Costa Mesa, Ca in 2005. Paris Truck Co. set out to make longboarding trucks that provide the smoothest, predictable carve and turn. The Paris V1 was released in 2006 and changed the longboarding truck game forever. Now the Paris V3 can be found on longboard and cruisers skateboards all over the world.

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