LIG Solutions Announces Partnership with the Board Retailers Association

Cleveland, Ohio (October 16, 2020) LIG Solutions announces a partnership with the Board Retailers Association to offer its Distinguished Retail Members, their families and their employees access to exclusive healthcare insurance coverages.


Healthcare is not a one size fits all endeavor, and neither is the insurance coverages offered through LIG Solutions. The exclusive offerings include a full suite of medical, dental, vision and disability coverages, as well as the new “Health Reimbursement Arrangements” (HRAs) for employers/employees. This program also includes access to information on the latest healthcare, personal wellness, and lifestyle trends.

“We want to provide access to quality healthcare products that fit the specific needs of the Board Retailers Association Distinguished Retail Members,” says Jason Farro, CEO of LIG Solutions. “The plans can be tailored to fit the individual needs of members, their families, and employees that off the shelf programs may not be able to provide.”

The health insurance coverage offered through LIG utilizes plan options from many of the leading national carriers, and the program is designed to be a vehicle to promote healthier lifestyle choices and preventive care options for the organization’s membership.

“This is a relevant and valuable resource for all of our Distinguished Retail Members throughout the country.  LIG Solutions offers affordable and comprehensive health plans that our retailers and their employees can use today!” says Doug Works,  BRA Executive Director.

Coverages are offered concierge style to BRA Distinguished Retail Members in a centralized portal, thus eliminating the hassle and cutting through the confusion that often accompanies shopping for healthcare insurance.  The offerings – which are culled from nationally recognized carriers in all 50 states – offer solutions that are designed to meet individuals’, family members,’ and employees’ specific health needs and budgets. 

“Health care coverage is a concern of nearly every single American and their family, and this program is a valuable tool in a membership organization’s member growth and retention arsenal,” says Tim McNichols, Executive Director of Partnerships for LIG Solutions. “Organization’s can leverage this exclusive member benefit to build an even stronger bond with their members and with the new Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) program, we can offer options that cover nearly 100% of the membership including employee classes like part-time and seasonal workers as well as fulltime and 1099/independent contractors with individual coverage options.”

The program is scheduled to launch this fall and BRA community members will be notified when the program is live. at 


About LIG Solutions

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, LIG Solutions, a division of Lighthouse Insurance Group, specializes in offering comprehensive, turn-key insurance solutions for associations, societies, NGB, membership organizations and other affinity groups. With more than 30 years of combined experience in the health, life, and Medicare insurance industry, LIG has successfully distributed more than 60,000 new insurance policies nationwide per year and delivers member benefit programs centered on health and wellness initiatives to drive retention and engagement with the communities/marketplaces they serve. Learn more at

About the Board Retailers Association

Board Retailers Association (BRA), a nonprofit trade association, represents board specialty retailers in every region of the United States including Alaska and Hawaii.  The Association serves as the preeminent voice for independent retailers on a grassroots level with manufacturers, trade show representatives and others. The name Board Retailers Association reflects the multidimensional aspect that most retailers in our industry have. Retailers that promote surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, SUPing, wakeboarding, skimboarding, kiteboarding or windsurfing all share a central theme as board specialty retailers.  BRA organizes and expresses the views and concerns of independent board sport retailers in an effort to help promote our industry and support the board sports specialty retailer. East and West Coast retailers originally formed the Board Retailers Association in February 2003.  Since its inception, BRA has brought about many positive changes, and we are looking forward to building on them throughout the coming years. Learn more at

Media Contact

Tim McNichols

Executive Director of Partnerships
LIG Solutions
216.487.6152 /

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