The Future of Retail in a Post COVID World with Arnaud Frade

I recently came across this podcast about the future of retail from the folks at Our Community.  In the podcast, Arnaud Frade, futurist, analyst, and trusted advisor to senior executives across a wide range of businesses and government departments talks about the world of retail and shares his thoughts with Anne Morgan around accelerating trends that were already apparent before the current pandemic.

+ He notes that lack of investment in training has led to poor customer service and this combined with unappealing product ranges has resulted in many retailers becoming hopelessly distant from their mission.

+ He advises that successful retailers must have a passion for, and be anchored in the heart of their community. They must use their knowledge of the community to carefully curate their products and hone a personal customer service that will build loyalty and trust.

+ The use of technology and social media must focus on fostering human connection.

+ Diversity and inclusiveness must also be part of the mix.

You can listen to the interview on Apple Podcasts


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