Zumiez Inc. How To Manage Through A Pandemic

By Jeff Harbaugh

Zumiez is as ready as any company I know to take advantage of the previously emerging trends that the pandemic has accelerated.  They reported solid numbers for their August 1st quarter on the income statement and the balance sheet is rock solid.

Zumiez, Propaganda HQ

More interestingly, they always tell us in a calm and understated way exactly what they are doing and why, though they leave out the details.  Rather than let them lull me into a state of casual acceptance, I tried to get into their heads to figure out just how they are changing the ways they operate.

I’m sure I didn’t get them all, but some fundamental changes are happening- changes, or at least ways of thinking, that are certainly appropriate to your business. A couple of key takeaways:

- Zumiez reported a solid August 3rd quarter, and their balance sheet remains rock solid

Even with the closures, net sales grew 9.6%

- Comparable store sales were up 20.1% and ecommerce sales by 122.2%

You’re not Zumiez, but in some ways you need to think like they do.

Read my full assessment >> Zumiez’s Quarterly Results:  Interesting Things They Say, But Don’t Quite Say

About Jeff Harbaugh

Jeff has been active in the action sports, outdoor and youth culture industries since 1991 as a manager, consultant, analyst and investor. 

As a consultant working with industry companies with issues of transition, an analyst, and an observer of industry trends Jeff has kept retailers and brands ahead of the curve so that they could make inevitable industry evolution work for them.

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