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The Seas Are Rising and So Are We!

Surfrider strives for the betterment and protection of our ocean, waves, and beaches. 150 members within the organization had traveled to Washington D.C. this past February for Coastal Recreation Hill Day with the determination to explain why we must take “immediate action on climate change, plastic pollution, water quality, and other key issues affecting our coasts and ocean”. Hill Day brings awareness to our current state of climate crisis within our beloved seas which surrounds coastal preservation, ocean protection, plastic pollution, updates, climate change, and water quality. By advocating on behalf of the entirety of the surf industry, Surfrider has cultivated a community that achieves global environmental issues and helps to protect the world we know and have come to love as surfers. 

  • Hill Day February 26-28, 2020 Surfrider brings 150 members to Washington D.C. to participate in high-level meetings with White House officials and the Senate Democrats Committee on the Climate Crisis to advocate for federal action to protect our coasts and ocean
  • Over 100 million Americans visit the beach each year supporting 2.4 million jobs and contributing over $124 billion to our nation’s gross domestic product
  • Hill Day participants urged their representatives in Congress to support legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, stop new oil and gas drilling, and help communities adapt to sea-level rise and extreme weather events.
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