Message from Doug Palladini, Global Brand President, Vans

What transpired across the U.S. this past week as yet another Black man, Jacob Blake, was senselessly shot due to racial profiling is ongoing evidence that we as a society are only at the earliest stages of eradicating racism.

Over the past couple of months, our Vans Family has been having some very honest and in-depth conversations focused on racial equality, inclusion, and our responsibility to do more both internally and externally. Through these conversations, we have been sincere in identifying and admitting to the areas in which we ourselves need to do better, reinforcing the need for us to remain transparent to our employees, our partners, and our Vans fans, and to hold ourselves accountable to the actions and commitments we make.

And so, today, we are announcing decisive next steps our brand will take as we remain committed to being anti-racist and always taking action that supports equity and justice for marginalized communities.

Doug Palladini, Global Brand President, Vans

We all have the responsibility to help eradicate racism and inequality. At Vans, we stand firmly in doing our part as a global brand grounded in driving inclusivity. As we embark on this journey of allyship and being anti-racist, these are the decisive next steps we’re taking.

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