Building the Revolution with Austin Olivares

COVID-19 has stores temporary closing to the public while brands are furloughing people and/or shutting their doors. Where does this leave the independent sales reps? The hard-working people on the front lines, who make their living from commission and pay big sample bills. How are they being affected by all this?

Building The Revolution caught up with Austin Olivares to see how this pandemic is affecting his business. Austin covers LA- Central Cal, NM, AZ, and Vegas for Von Zipper, Flojos Sandals, OAM, FASTHOUSE, Metal Mulisha, Beach Party Accessories, and Peter Grim Hats. He is also a sub rep for Matt Bovard Of Oneill (Clothing/Wetsuits).
"As an outside guy that’s on the road a solid 4 days a week its been quite a drastic change being home so much. The fortunate side of repping so many brands is that I’m still able to generate some income from a couple of brands that I sell to my online guys."
"What they (the big surf brands) don’t understand is that most consumers that shop surf brands and pay full price have little to any loyalty to any brand, its price and looks driven. Right now, a lot the brands look the same with different logos."


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