Leadership Insights: "It’s Going To Be a Wild Ride and The Time For More Of The Same Is Over"

Jeff Harbaugh gave up writing about individual company’s public reports until things started to normalize a little.  Whenever that will be.  Doesn’t mean he gave up reading and thinking.  The result is a new article:  “Macroeconomics, Data Systems, Balance Sheets, and a Changing Business Model

“Your business has become a dynamic programming model,” he says.

That should get you curious. 

His conclusion- one he’s stated before and maybe should have lead with - "The time for more of the same is over. It won’t work. Take chances. It’s less risky than not taking them." 

Here are some key highlights:

  • A strong balance sheet is a critical determinant of your ability to be flexible and, bluntly, to just come out the other side of this 
  • Data.  You need it, it better be good
  • Focus on inventory.  Yours and everybody else’s.

He’s also provided links to some other pertinent data.  Here’s where to read the article if you want to go deeper on some of the things he says. 

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