Customers at The Center of Burton’s Digital Transformation

With the changes in season and the gradual demand for outside sports, well-known action sports brand Burton has excelled exponentially in not only the brand’s wholesale market but also their business plans.

“It’s really a holistic approach,” Said Josee Larocque, Burton’s SVP of DTC and Digital Transformation. “We put the customers at the center and really get to know them. We use data to understand what is propelling their journey with Burton. As we do that, we’re going to become a better company and a better brand.”

This plan not only takes the action sports industry even further than was hoped but also demonstrates a successful strategy for store associates to gain access with up to date data and places a greater emphasis on DTC which provides deeper customer insights.

Burton’s curated retail management solution involves:

  • Deploying mobile POS (mPOS) devices;
  • Provide store associates with improved visibility into customer, product and inventory data; and
  • Gain a unified view of its e-Commerce and brick-and-mortar operations at both the store and headquarters levels.

Read more on how greater emphasis on DTC provides Burton with deeper customer insights HERE

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